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SACRED develops and manufactures a wide range of rubber components for the automotive industry.

They can be used for various functions (acoustic damping, mechanical sealing) while preserving the desired mechanical properties and ensuring ease of assembly on the vehicle.

The bulkhead grommet isolates the engine compartment from the cabin while allowing the gearbox control cables to be routed through. This component must enable a good seal and good acoustic performance to be achieved.

Gearbox bellows, pedal covers, dust caps and elastomer joints ensure mechanical sealing. Single-material or multi-material joints have been developed to guarantee optimum sealing against water, air and dust in dry areas.

The various end stops (tailgate, sliding side doors, etc.) can be made entirely from rubber or from a rubber/metal or rubber/plastic mix.

Our products are also used throughout the steering system with dynamic and static universal joints, sliding joints and various column seals to protect your systems from water and dust.


SACRED’s know-how in the formulation of customised materials enables us to choose the right elastomer, ensuring the part meets the customer’s functional requirements. SACRED’s design experience in automotive components complements the choice of material in achieving the acoustic and sealing targets.


SACRED provides innovative solutions that can meet the most demanding functional specifications. We provide a range of solutions on shapes, thicknesses, choice of material and assembly to meet the requirements for sealing, acoustics, mounting forces and rotation torque.

Our solutions are validated in-house through prototyping phases, including digital simulation using finite element analysis. Our expertise in the development chain and in our product manufacturing gives us a significant competitive advantage in terms of time and cost savings in achieving our customers’ specifications.


SACRED has numerous test facilities in its laboratories in France and in its other locations.

We are equipped to carry out static and dynamic leak tests, testing for resistance to environmental constraints (temperature, salt spray, etc.) and acoustic sealing.


Our products are used in all brands of passenger vehicles, from the most basic to the most sophisticated, and in all commercial vehicles. We are a direct supplier to automotive manufacturers and to many of the leading OEMs. See the customer list

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