Transporting Fluids

In internal combustion engines, rubber air fittings, or air ducts, are the components that enable air to be transported through the air intake system.

Depending on their location within the air intake system, they enable air to be directed:

  • Between the air intake and the air filter
  • Between the air filter and the intake manifold
  • In the turbocharger or supercharger


Very often, the material is a critical aspect of the specification. Our laboratory can develop customised compounds to meet your specific needs in terms of resistance to temperature, oil and ozone. A non-exhaustive list of our materials validated with OEMs includes EPDM, NBR/PVC and AEM, covering a wide range of operating temperatures.

SACRED has expertise in the injection moulding of air fittings, with low-, medium- and high-speed production volumes for ducts carrying a wide variety of weights. We use aluminium or steel injection moulds with optional cold-runner systems, automated-piston or manual-insert systems and fixed or mobile core clamps.


Windings, ribbing and thicknesses are used to adjust the flexibility/rigidity to comply with the requirements of the tests for collapse and engine roll, while ensuring that the air fitting is compatible with the available space. Our design team is able to guide you as you develop the geometry of the component, taking into consideration its functional aspect and manufacturing feasibility.


With over 70 years of experience in rubber injection moulding, our know-how – recognised across the automotive industry worldwide – has enabled us to establish sustainable relationships, based on quality and trust, with the major manufacturers of intake systems.

Our products are used in all brands of passenger vehicles and even in heavy goods vehicles and leisure vehicles.

We supply OEMs such as GM, Chrysler, Nissan, MAN and BRP directly or via Tier 1 equipment manufacturers such as Mahle, Mann+Hummel, etc.

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