Shock bellows

The shock-absorber protector, or shock bellow, must protect the piston from environmental aggression outside the vehicle without compromising functional performance and articulation.

The shock-absorber protector, or shock bellow, must successfully combine the specific features of assembly (manual or automatic) with very demanding functionality in terms of compression and articulation.

The protector or shock bellow must be operational for the entire lifecycle of the shock absorber.


Since 2000, SACRED has been providing expertise in extrusion blow-moulding and in injection extrusion blow-moulding technologies. In developing these technologies, our aim has been to meet the increasing demands of the automotive industry for front and rear protective shock bellows, hydraulic cylinders and all types of suspension.

SACRED’s expertise allows for the constraints of a mixed assembly (manual and automatic) to be combined at the design stage and for the specific features of the platforms needing to combine variable functional constraints to be taken into consideration.

Different types of elastomer, rubber or thermoplastic materials (TPV or TPEE) can be used.

SACRED guarantees very high performance values because we use a material specification defined by cumulating the most stringent constraints from the automotive and equipment manufacturers at the material development phase, especially when working with our formulator partners to develop thermoplastic elastomers.

These specific developments enable us to offer material that performs well, both technically and economically.


Our design is suitable for combined manual and automatic assembly.

A partnership with our in-house and external experts in materials, process and tooling enables us to find the optimum solution to the customer’s specification.

Our customised design and manufacturing processes mean that we can adapt our products to ensure they are the perfect fit for your vehicle.


Protectors and shock bellows must be subjected to stringent tests, in line with the constraints they will encounter when the vehicle is running, such as resistance to stone chips, salt spray, hydrocarbons, AdBlue, brake fluid, extreme temperatures, dust and humidity, etc.

Our TPV materials are validated for high operating temperatures, at high cyclical frequencies.


Our products are used in all brands of passenger vehicles, from the most basic to the most sophisticated, and in all commercial vehicles. We directly supply Groupe PSA, across multiple platforms, as well as the VW Group via TK Presta.

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