SACRED has developed the various tools and know-how necessary to support you in developing and validating your components.

Our skills enable us to support you, from analysing your specifications to creating the DVP and functional validation right through to your PPAP presentation.

90% of tests are carried out in-house at our Saint-Lubin-des-Joncherets site.

Production quality control teams are available at all our sites, with a specialist development quality control team based at Saint-Lubin-des-Joncherets in France.

Test Types :

  • Static or dynamic leak testing, either IP-type or in accordance with the customer’s standards
  • Tests on columnar force testers, such as: mounting forces and pull-out tests, behaviour of components in compression, traction or radial load
  • Rotation torque to an accuracy of 0.001 Nm achieved by using a test bench specially designed for CDCs which have evolved towards torques of less than 0.1 Nm (max.) in recent years
  • Temperature tests using climatic chambers with a range of -70°C to 250°C
  • Endurance tests that can be linked to our sealing test facilities, dryers and torquemeter
  • Acoustic tests to PSA and Renault standards. SACRED is currently considering purchasing a reverberant booth which will enable us to reproduce the tests normally conducted in an acoustic chamber. This will enable us to offer all the acoustic services you need.

All our tests are accompanied by reports which can be adapted to your standards.

PPAP Documentation

PPAP documentation can be produced in VDA, APQP or ANPQP format and can be sent via email or via your portal

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