The SACRED Group has over 70 years of proven experience in the injection moulding of rubber components.

We use numerous premium-brand injection moulding presses across all our production sites in France and abroad: China,Mexico,Romania and Morocco.

We have a reputation for expertise in TPV and TPEE extrusion blow moulding, with industry-leading equipment.

We can provide you with solutions in rubber/plastic or rubber/metal overmoulding, with or without bonding.

Our experience in design and tooling rheology, combined with our toolmakers’ expertise, enables us to design tooling with options such as cold-runner systems, automated-piston or manual-insert systems and fixed or mobile core clamps.
This know-how enables us to achieve optimum production speeds and offer competitive pricing.
The capacity of our rubber injection presses, together with our expertise in tooling design, enables us to design and manufacture highly complex components in a variety of sizes.
We also have dedicated injection presses for moulding silicone components.
We are in the process of integrating plastic injection presses with various capacities on some of our sites to further improve our products and processes.
We are developing automated solutions for assembly, glue and/or lacquer dispensing in partnership with our specialist equipment manufacturers, to guarantee the production speeds and quality requirements for complex components.
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Depending on volumes, we can work as a strategic partner with our customers and increase our production capacity by making new investments in our different sites to best meet our customers’ needs.

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