Steering joints

Joints for steering columns and steering racks ensure a secure seal between the engine compartment and the cabin and, where relevant, the mobility of the steering column.

They protect the vehicle occupants from the noise, fluids and heat produced by the engine. Steering joints therefore ensure that the steering column turns more easily, regardless of steering wheel adjustments or bodywork tolerances.


SACRED’s expertise across the entire development chain, ranging from formulating its own elastomers and in-house validation of prototypes, to digital simulation using finite element analysis, gives us a significant competitive advantage in terms of time and cost savings in achieving our customers’ specifications.


SACRED provides innovative solutions that can meet the most demanding functional specifications for acoustic attenuation (multi-walled joints), rotation torque (roller bearing system), mounting forces (clip or screw joints) and water-tightness (immersion).


SACRED also has all the test facilities compliant with automotive industry standards required to validate steering joints. Different test benches allow us to measure pressure and acoustic intensity in small test booths, to measure rotation torque in-situ in the vehicle and to carry out climate tests, watertightness tests and sealing performance tests against dust and mud. Mounting and dismantling forces are measured on our columnar force testers.


Our products are used in all brands of passenger vehicles, from the most basic to the most sophisticated, and in all commercial vehicles. We are direct suppliers to manufacturers including Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Groupe PSA and Aston Martin, as well as all the leading original equipment manufacturers of steering systems such as Bosch AS, Willi Elbe, ThyssenKrupp Presta, JTEKT and ZF-TRW.

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