Design and Development

The automotive market is constantly evolving and new mobility solutions are emerging, leading to increasing demands, not only in the areas of acoustic and mechanical sealing, vibration damping and isolation, but also in fluids management.


Do you have specific needs, or particular specifications and constraints? Our development team is here to provide you with assistance from the design phase, offering you relevant technical solutions which will allow you to achieve your technical objectives in terms of acoustics, NVH, geometry, weight, etc.

Our combined expertise in material formulation and engineering mean we can offer you relevant solutions worldwide.

Our Capabilities:

Expertise in component design

  • We have a team of engineers and technicians available to help you with your project development and follow-up in France and teams available to help with project follow-up abroad
  • CATIA suites for modelling and producing component and tooling plans
  • MARC calculation software for hyperelastic static calculations and dynamic calculations
  • Finite Element Analysis
Optimised injection tooling and processes

SIGMA SOFT calculation software for rheological calculations

Responsiveness and optimised planning management
  • A 3D printer for producing prototypes
  • Design and production of prototyping tools
  • Partnership with expert toolmakers

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